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Meet the founders of the Boychuk Scholarship!

Lyubomyr, Yaroslav and Oksana Boychuk are unique siblings. All three are alumni of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. This year, they established a scholarship in their name. We want to share their story with you.

"I am interested in the genealogy of my family and during the archive research, I found some articles from old newspapers about my ancestors who made charitable donations for the support of universities in Chicago and for the development of various academic departments. This is a good memory for future generations, so for me, the establishment of the scholarship is both about the long-term support of KMA students, and joining the family tradition", says Yaroslav Boychuk.

Lyubomyr Boychuk lives and works abroad now. He recalls that many KMA students in the 1990s and 2000s were able to study owing to support from the Ukrainian diaspora, and he says that "now we are the diaspora, its new generation, and it’s now our time that we support students".

In the context of the current war, Lyubomyr divides it into three stages: long-term, medium-term and short-term: "The first stage of the war is long-term, and during this stage, it is vital to donate to military, tactical and medical needs. Alongside society, we donate to these needs. This is the right thing to do now. The second stage of the war, which will take place after its active phase, will be reconstruction. Here we talk more about planning, restoration of destroyed universities, etc. The third stage is about our future generation. The thing is that Ukraine wouldn’t exist if we forgot our history. And I believe that donating to education is precisely for the long-term stage of Ukraine’s Victory in this war".

We are grateful to the Boychuk family and the community for their faith and help in all endeavours for the future generation of KMA students!

We remind you that you can support Kyiv-Mohyla Academy not only by establishing a scholarship but also by making a one-time charitable contribution or spreading the information about the scholarship fundraiser! We are holding a scholarship fundraiser for Academy Day (October 15). Our goal is to raise funds for at least 5 student scholarships. We will announce the results of the fundraiser after the Academy Day. You can learn more about it ON THIS PAGE.


Your donation to Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
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