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Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Students Reflect on Their Year in Toronto at the University of Toronto

A reflective event was held to commemorate KMA studenst’ year-long journey in Canada at the prestigious University of Toronto, gathering with the Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of Canada students at Ukrainian Canadian Social Services Toronto. 

Keynote speaker Marta Dyczok delved into the history of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, providing valuable insights for the students and discussing the differences in education between Ukraine and Canada.

Mykhaylo Petechuk, President of the Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of Canada, welcomed the exchange students, offering guidance and support from the Foundation and KMA alumni in Canada. He also reflected alongside the students on their year in Canada, prompting discussions about what they have gained and what they will take back with them to Ukraine, as well as encouraging further changes at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Taras Kulish, in his address, emphasized the resilience of the students during challenging times, stating: "They are living their lives during hard times. These students will lead us in the future!"

Transitioning from a semester-long exchange to a full academic year allows students not only to enhance their academic experience but also to contribute to the Ukrainian community in Toronto. Previous cohorts have organized impactful events, including the Toronto Ukrainian Week and the "Unissued Diplomas" exhibition, which revealed stories of Ukrainian students affected by the war.


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