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KMA Law Faculty Article Is Published by the Journal of International Criminal Justice at Oxford

The Journal of International Criminal Justice at Oxford University published the article “Understanding Russia’s Actions in Ukraine as the Crime of Genocide”, authored by Volodymyr Venher, the new Dean of the KMA Department of Law, along with Denys Azarov, KMA Vice-President and former Dean of the Law School, Dmytro Koval, Associate Professor of Law, and Gayane Nurijanyan, Associate Professor at Kyiv-Mohyla Law School, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the UiT-The Arctic University of Norway.

The authors presented arguments and evidence for the existence of genocidal intent in the crimes committed by the armed forces of Russia in Ukraine, including killings, serious mental harm and forced displacement of Ukrainian children to russia. They emphasize that these prohibited actions are definitely aimed at the destruction of the Ukrainian nation.

The article forms part of the investigation of brutal violations of international humanitarian law and human rights related to the wave of brutal Russian aggression against Ukraine during the war which continues to this day.

Congratulations on the publication of this peer-reviewed article that serves as documentation for further work to hold the Russian perpetrators of war crimes responsible in front of an international tribunal. Thank you for this valuable work.


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