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KMA Alumna and Founder of the «Osvitoria» Platform, Zoya Lytvyn, Established a Fellowship for KMA Faculty

Zoya Lytvyn is a KMA graduate, a Ukrainian public figure and entrepreneur, founder of the «Osvitoriya» public association and the Novopecherska School, and the Global Teacher Prize in Ukraine for innovative teachers.

She became a founder of a fellowship for KMA Faculty. This is an investment in the growth not only of faculty members but also students. It will support the best professors at the Academy and motivate others to grow professionally too. At the founder’s request, this fellowship will support young professors, who just began their path, and have experience of up to 3 years.

We express our sincere gratitude to Zoya for her contribution to the development of the educational community in Ukraine and the support of our KMA talents!


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